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E & K. Kim were born in Box Hill Victoria, Australia. At a young age, both sisters were interested in fantasy genres. As they got older they became even more captured by different books and movies. They started to write their own stories about beings such as vampires, wolves and creatures that are mentioned very often in popular culture.
E & K. Kim live together on a farm with their animals. They love
the rural aspect that comes with living on a large property. Still being young themselves, they wanted to create a book that contained a collection of stories that aren’t heard of except inside these stories that intertwine with each other.
Both sisters wish they could have read a book like this when they were younger. However, now that they get the chance to write their own stories, they hope that everyone, especially younger people never lose their creativity or the imagination they had during childhood. They both believe imagination is the key to creativity and without it the world would be a duller place. Belief in yourself and belief in something is what led E & K. Kim to come up with Seeing Beings Is Believing.


We created this website to share our stories and creativity with others.

Because of our experience with selling our ebook on Amazon we removed our ebook from their platform. Now though we have our own online store and will be selling the english version of our ebook ourselves. We are the only ones selling the german ebook version online. The english & german version of our print book is available for purchase on Lulu & other platforms.


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