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This is the only PDF Ebook English version of our book available for sale online.


If you want an Ebook English version of our book, it is available on Lulu & other platforms. However, our Ebook English version is no longer available on Amazon. 


Book Description:


In a world where there are things human eyes cannot

comprehend, things or mythical creations are hiding in the

unknown. There is a world full of suspense and secrecy waiting to be discovered.

Whoever reads this book, must always have been intrigued by

fables of the past, bedtime stories or tales that no one dares to

believe. This book sheds light on the lives of mythical creatures,

many of which you may know such as vampires, gargoyles and

demons. Or some of which you may have never even heard of.

Creatures such as the Dullahan, a beast that has no head, rides a

horse and causes trouble at night with whoever is unfortunate

enough to cross paths with him.

Then there're crazy, delusional or simply evil outlaws, like

Rumpelstiltskin who ruins the lives of others for fun. There are

many places or realms where magical monsters lurk/hide, like

the Hidden Empire, which is safe from the world outside, from

humans to be exact. There are places called safe havens and the

perfect example is Hallow Valley.

This book contains a collection of intertwined stories and delves

deep into the world of beings.

Beings like FOG (Frances Owen Gregory) who goes on a journey

around the world, trying to get more information about

fantastical creatures, the Grim Reaper who founds his own

organisation, Aya the Kitsune who must train for the Samurai

Guild to protect the honour of her family. There is Cleopatra, the

last ruler of Egypt who started the dynasty of Cat People and

Freya the Viking Vampire, daughter of the legendary Bjorn


This book will definitely not give you a scare. This story is very

different to others in that it doesn't contain chapters which you

have to read in chronological order, you can choose where to start to read and stop. This is a tale with a difference. A unique story like no other. Open the book and immerse yourself in the hidden world within our own. A hidden world of mythical beings. Like the title suggests Seeing Beings is the path to Believing.

PDF Ebook - Seeing Beings is Believing - A Hidden World of Mythical Creatures

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